Writers live a solitary life due to the nature of their job. They spend most of their time in quiet and lonely places thinking about the next writing idea for their blog. Friends and family will often not understand their solitude life. It is no wonder majority writers find solace in alcohol. There are several writing communities where you the blogger can fit perfectly.

Why Join a Writing Community?

There are days you lack motivation, and you fail to come up with great ideas for the content. Friends and family cannot bail you out because they do not understand the importance of writing epic content and will, therefore, agree with any casual idea you suggest.  When you belong to a community, you can submit your content, and the community will be honest and give actionable feedback.

Support and Encouragement

A fellow writer will understand your writing struggles. They know how frustrating it is to look for a theme or create characters and challenge of building content from scratch. The members create an environment where you can seek advice and a community ready to support you during trying times and motivate you not to despair.

A Quick Audience for Your Reviews

After you have finished your content, post it in the group and check out the comments of other writers. The Beta readers will help you catch some mistakes you might have overlooked even after re-reading the piece a hundred times. In some instances, the writers may not offer a solution to the problem, but at least they can pin it out.

A Marketing Platform

In addition to having people subscribe to your content, you need to learn other marketing tricks from the writing community. It is a good trick especially for bloggers because most communities have a dedicated space that promotes the content of the members.

Writing Communities

  1. Absolute Write Water Cooler

It is an active online community of writers, publishers, and editors. Absolute Write Water Cooler has numerous forums that provide links from publishers to other resources and contain informational articles that help the writers build on their skills. It has many genres including:

  • Erotica
  • Historical writing
  • Animals
  • Mystery and thriller
  • Memoir and Autobio
  • Sports and fitness
  • Young adult

It is an excellent platform for all types of writers: screenwriting, fiction and non-fiction writers, comic book writers, freelance writing, bloggers, podcasts, and even songwriting. The platform is resourceful for beginners as it has various resources such as:

  • Book promotions
  • Beta readers
  • Call for submissions
  • Mentors and writing companions
  • Writing exercises
  • And self-publishing works

The platform has many bloggers especially because of their writing lab that helps writers in the use of language and ESL. The writing exercises are a great way of improving your skills.

  1. Slack

Slack is currently the fastest growing online community and a business app. It boasts of over 500,000 organizations and over 7 million active users. The mission of Slack is to bring writing teams together and boost their productivity. The workspaces are independent of each other, and you can switch back and forth between spaces. It provides the following services to bloggers:

  • Buffer
  • Marketers chat
  • CreativeTribes
  • Start-up chat
  • Online marketing
  1. Scribophile

If you are looking for a platform that will offer constructive criticism, Scribophile is the right site. The community openly analyses and critiques the member’s content and provide feedback. The community aims at criticizing member content, and the critiques earn points that are used to enter into a contest. The points can also be turned into gifts for the member. It is a free membership program, but you can upgrade to premium for a fee of $65 per year.

  1. TheHatrackRiver Writers Workshop

An online writing community with several links to other useful resources. There are Open discussions for writers that seek to answer all writing questions and a workshop writing class that has assignments and stories to help the writer practice their writing skills or develop a story.

  1. Figment

Figment writers cover topics such as the general writing tips, cover design and off the wall topics. It is a lively and fun community, and the members are very welcoming.

  1. CritiqueCircle

One of the oldest online community started back in 2003. It operates like Scribophile where members earn points for writing a critique and submitting feedback of other members content. The platform is open for all types of writers: short stories, novels, genre fiction, and other written works. There is a blog with practical writing information, publishing information and classifieds. The members interact through games and general discussions.

In conclusion, a community can help you combat depression and loneliness impacting both your career and life. Belong to a community that motivates you, offers information about funding activities and writing residencies.


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