Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev

The main theme The main theme portrayed by Ivan Turgenev’s novel of Fathers and Sons is change. The characters in the play showed clearly the gap between nihilism and old ideas. The young characters such as Bazarov represented the new modern idealist and Pavel represented the old nihilism. The radicalism of the two characters, Arkady […]

Character Analysis in ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Macbeth’

The power and ambition The power and ambition, two dominant themes, are prominent in the books. The thirst for power is the main fuel for the ambition in the two characters. Macbeth is ambitious and willing to do anything including slaying of innocent people. For this, Macbeth and his wife lose connection with people and […]

Analysis of the Hunger Games

The hunger games refer to a series of annual events that take place in Panem a country in the science fiction books by Suzanne Collins. The novels are titled The Hunger Games published in 2008; Catching Fire released in 2009, and the Mockingjay published in 2010. The three novels have been adapted into films with […]