The hunger games refer to a series of annual events that take place in Panem a country in the science fiction books by Suzanne Collins. The novels are titled The Hunger Games published in 2008; Catching Fire released in 2009, and the Mockingjay published in 2010. The three novels have been adapted into films with the Mockingjay split into two parts. The books revolve around the Panem nation that consists of thirteen districts were most of the country’s administrative business are conducted in the Capitol. Besides, the hunger games were established as punishment for rebellion. Importantly, the thirteen districts had started a rebellion against the Capitol leading to the invention of the games. The main aim of this paper is to provide an intensive analysis of the movies. The paper will consider areas such as symbolism, motifs, and themes. Additionally, the paper will also consider the value of human life in the story.


The novels use several ideas, and the major ones include inequality between the poor and the rich, suffering as entertainment, the importance of appearance. Firstly, the disparity between the wealthy and the have-nots, in Panem, most the wealth is owned by the rich people majorly those who are living in the Capitol and some other districts. Moreover, the result of such inequality is a huge disparity that exists between the rich and have-nots. Besides, the difference is portrayed throughout the novel, and the major one is the food. Furthermore, in the low-income districts, many citizens do not have adequate nutrition. Additionally, Katniss describes that, in district twelve starvation is common and that she hunts illegally to provide food for her family.

Furthermore, the book shows that some of the households in the community do not know how to hunt so Katniss shares with them what she gets. Likewise, Katniss later gets to learns that Peeta’s father has a bakery in the district and is one of the well-off and high income earning families in the area. Besides, she cannot have enough money to by the food the bakery bakes and thus eats from the stake leftovers. On the contrary, when she arrives in the Capitol she is served with lavishing and well-prepared food. Furthermore, the food is abundant and delicious, and she tries hot chocolate for the first time. Another disparity between the rich and the poor is seen in the selection for the participation of the game. The poor children are much more likely to be selected for the games. Furthermore, when the rich children are chosen, they are trained giving them an advantage over the poor children.

Another theme in the novel is suffering as entertainment; the game presents suffering as a way of mass entertainment. Besides, the more the tributes hurt each other and bear in battle the more entraining the tournaments are. Besides, the crucial draw of the games is the prurience viewing the children dying and killing each other. Katniss in several instances talks of the past games and what made them fruitful and unsuccessful. Moreover, the viewers want to see the tributes battling each other and not dying quickly. Additionally, the principle is best shown at the end of the book in Cato’s slow death. Likewise, when the mutations have defeated Cato, the game makers do not want to kill him immediately because they believe it creates a gruesome spectacle.

The suffering in the games does not necessarily have to be physical. It can also be psychological, Peeta’s and Katniss romance in the games, for instance, is much more fascination as it is prophesied to be doomed. The two tributes develop into star-crossed lovers making their love affair ill-fated. Moreover, the promise of misery adds drama in movie making the games fun to watch. Most of the participants in the games are reluctant, and the winning in the games entails killing and outliving other competitors. The hunger games take the form on the ancient Roman gladiatorial games.

      Importantly another, major theme in the movie is the importance of appearances. In the book Katniss and her fellow characters use her outer appearances to device how viewers see her. For instance during the reaping ritual, she does not cry in front of cameras as it will show weakness. Importantly, during the start of the tornaments, the book stresses on how important appearances are by focusing on her presentation. Moreover, the primary area of concentration is the costume prepared for her by Cinna. The dress makes Katniss stand out among other tributes. The dress was made of artificial blazes, therefore, earning her the name the girl on fire.

Further, the tributes who become the most notable would tend to get sponsors who were in a position provide gifts. Katniss hides her tears in the movie for self-pitying other tributes for unattractive sponsors. A behavior and appearance that is crucial for a survival strategy. Besides, the most notable appearance in the film is her romantic relationship with Peeta. The relationship is not genuine on her end but she does care about Peeta and in the end develops romantic interest him. Moreover, she plays up her feeling for Peeta in front of cameras, and it work as it convinces the viewers majorly the ones in the Capitol that she is madly in love with him. However, the action is majorly for strategic motives, and it helps elicit more gifts from sponsors. Additionally, the performance is crucial to both her and Peeta’s survival in the games.


           Motifs is any recurring element in a story that has a symbolic significance. The movie uses three principal motifs, and they are fire, defiance, and hunting. Fire plays several different important roles in the book. Importantly, fire in the book is the primary element that provides several outfits for instance Cinna dress. The dress is covered with synthetic fire but still maintains fire as a motif. Hence, Katniss gains the name the girl on fire. Another theme used in the movies is defiance. The novels from the beginning are filled with acts of resistance. Majorly the biggest challenge is the on against Capitol control. Gale’s and Katniss illegally hunts in the wood which is also another act of defiance because they are willing to violate the Capitols laws.

Moreover, in District 12 there is a black market referred to as the hob. Besides, the sign of respect that the citizens of District 12 give Katniss after volunteering is an act of defiance as it contradict the capital behavior of what they want and expect. Additionally, hunting appears several times in the novel, but it takes no different meanings depending on circumstances. Importantly, the book from the being portrays Katniss as a hunter and feed her family trough hunting. Furthermore, Katniss met Gale though hunting and become best of friends. Besides, to survive in the games, the tributes have to hunt and kill their fellow participants. Likewise, Peeta refers to the games as hunting as they are searching other players to shoot.

Value of human life in the novel

         The book the hunger games select teenagers and forces them to fight in an arena while the whole nation is watching. The leaders in the Capitol use this tactic to dehumanize citizens in other districts. In the novel dehumanization is in broad scale by assigning little value to human life. The books use two types of dehumanisation firstly denying human attributes to some people. The other form of dehumanisation involves everyday social phenomenon the revolves around indifference or apathy. The individuals in the Capitol used other districts as a source of entertainment and resources. This is mostly seen through the hunger games. Additionally, in the hunger games, most tributes are denied water and food. Those participants who were able to attract suitable sponsors are the only ones who have access to such things.

Besides, this demonstrates that dehumanised people are treated as they lack the capacity of conscious awareness and reasoning. Moreover, the rulers lack control, and they do not care how it affects other families. Likewise towards the end of the novel the team that prepared Katniss for appearance after winning the games is mostly concerned with what they were doing than the dying and the killing that took place in the arena. The citizens in the Capitol were egocentric, and they did not empathy for murder and pain the tributes had to endure in the arena.

In conclusion, the story hunger game is a book that has received full acknowledgement around the world. Although, written in a mythical science fiction world the book portrays most activities that are happening currently around the world. Such factors such as the dehumanisation of human life as some nations see themselves superior than other countries and exploit their resources for their benefit.

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